Discovery Bible Study: Digging Deeper in The Word

With any passage of Scripture you come across, it is wise to use this method for reading, interpreting, and applying God's Word to our lives: 

  1. Choose a passage: Select a short passage from the Bible to study, such as a few verses or a paragraph.
  2. Read the passage: Have everyone read the passage silently to themselves.
  3. Retell the passage: Ask someone to retell the passage in their own words. This helps to ensure everyone understands what was read.
  4. Observations: Have everyone share any observations they have about the passage. This can include things like repetition, key phrases, or anything that stands out to them.
  5. Interpretation: Ask everyone to share what they think the passage means. This can include how it relates to their life, what it says about God, or any other insights they may have.
  6. Application: Ask everyone to share how they can apply the passage to their life. This can include actions they can take, attitudes they can change, or anything else that the passage has revealed to them.
  7. Prayer: Close the study with a time of prayer. This can include thanking God for what was learned, asking for guidance in applying the passage, or any other prayer requests that come up.

Remember that the goal of DBS is not just to gain knowledge, but to apply the Bible to our lives in a meaningful way.