Wealth is in the eye of the beholder

I have know this scripture for as long as I can remember (Long before I got saved, long before I even knew what being saved meant.)

Today, however, it has taken on a whole new meaning.

In the past, I focused on every word but the last word, "soul."

It never dawned on me that, in the eyes of Jesus, a soul is worth far more than if a man were to gain the whole world.

The cool thing is if a soul were to be gained in the Kingdom of Heaven, through our witness, God adds that value to our heavenly account.

I am not going to ask you to name people who are rich (according to world standards) but what I'm  going to say is, in The Lord's eye, none of them, individually or combined, is as rich as you - a laborer of the harvest.

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Brenda Mukadam - October 19th, 2023 at 4:28pm

This is powerful and insightful. Indeed my soul is worth far more than one gaining the whole world. May God give me Grace as I labour to harvest more souls for his kingdom.